Partner, COO & HR Manager

Abigail is the Operational Manager at ERB for over 16 years.
Abigail graduated with honors a BA in management from the Open University and is also a certified payroll controller under the CPA association of Israel.
In her role Abigail is in charge of hiring employees, the administrative logistics of hundreds of ERB employees, building the teams that will take care of each company ERB works with, maintaining the relationships with service providers, integration of software accounting systems at ERB and much more.
Abigail is an expert on Israeli employment law and payroll, her expertise was gained in the years she spent managing the payroll department at ERB and building the department structure at ERB and her knowledge is a valuable asset to ERB and its companies.
Abigail is the go to person for each and every employee for professional as well as personal matters and she handles each situation with sensitivity while paying attention to all the details.

In September 2016 Abigail became partner in ERB international Group.

Abigail Israely

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