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CFO and Accounting Services for Startups. We are the experts.

ERB has a Large and Professional Team with extensive knowledge and expertise in CFO and Accounting for Startups. For over 27 years, ERB has been providing its companies with a wide range of services from CFO and Payroll to Accountability. ERB will be there with you from the beginning.


The best CFO and Accounting services for your growing startup

The CFO works closely with the company as a trusted advisor and overseeing the on going financial management and needs .The CFO is the head of the dedicated financial team assigned to the  company meaning that the bookkeeper , accountant and payroll clerk report to the CFO who is the company’s direct point of contact. 

  • ERB’s CFOs’ put the best practices in place to propel the business of each; company forward in the most efficient and cost effective manner;
  • Planning: Business, financials, budgeting, cost- reduction, re-organization, employee compensation and incentive plans;
  • Strategic operating, planning and implementation;
  • Investor relations and financial representation to the board of directors;
  • Comprehensive support;
  • Tranfer pricing compliance reporting;
  • Focal point for all global finance activity.

Get your finances right with ERB

Why choose to grow your business with ERB?

Years for experience: For over 27 years, ERB has been providing its companies with a wide range of services.

Premium support: The success of your company is our Number 1 corporate value. Our UK and US teams are ready and waiting to assist you.

Remain Flexible: Our solutions support you from market entry through maturity at your pace, meeting your needs as they change.

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