Outsourced Financial Services

In order to perform any financial service sufficiently  , one must specialize and gain a lot of knowledge and experience-no one person can perform all the services by themselves.

ERB’s outsourced method allows companies to save on the expenses associated with hiring dozens of financial positions within a company by outsourcing all financial services to professionals specializing in the different needs a startup company has.

ERB commits to provide the best professionals , with many years of experience and expertise to help grow and establish your company’s financial back-bone.


ERB Has a Large and Professional Team

with extensive knowledge and expertise in financial management.

The team ensures that all financial requirements of the companies ERB has been working with since 1995 are met in an organized, reliable and highly efficient manner.

Our Services

For over 27 years, ERB has been providing its companies with a wide range of services, including:

  • CFO (, Preparation of materials for due diligence, Budget building and financial projections etc.);
  • Reporting to the board and Management;  
  • Controllership (Preparation of monthly-quarterly reports according to the needs of the company and the demand of investors, Preparation of material for year end audit etc.);
  • Bookkeeping (Reporting to the tax authorities, Preparation of a monthly bookkeeping trial balance, Bank reconciliations etc.);
  • Payroll (Production of slips, Transfer of salaries, Working with insurance operating agents and more);
  • OCS reporting;
  • VAT representation;
  • Financial services and tax services in US;
  • Registration and Setup of a US Entity.
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Portfolio Companies​

Financial Support and Services

For Startup Companies

ERB specializes both in working with start-up companies that need day to day local financial management services , and with large multinational companies that have global reporting, payroll and tax  needs in the financial field. With branches around the world, ERB offers companies growing globally, as well as multinational  companies establishing an entity or branch comprehensive services  and a professional one stop finance shop. ERB specializes in working with companies taking their first steps in the USA. The services ERB offers include but are not limited to  bureaucratic support , company incorporation and registration services , accounting services, financial reporting services , payroll management services , ongoing operational support and more.

The ERB NEW YORK and ERB CALIFORNIA offices specialize in providing financial services to Startup companies operating in the US market, starting from the first stage of establishing and registering the company and building the financial structure , to the ongoing management of the entire accounting and tax and payroll  management  of the US company.

All the branches are part of the “One stop shop” package for global financial services for US and UK companies that operate in the global market.

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Number of M&A’s managed by ERB over the years

An Innovative Department for Business Plans

ERB’s Business Plan department  specializes in two main activity channels:

  • Forming a five-year business plan aimed at penetrating the  US market:
    The business plan is presented to the USCIS immigration authorities as part of the process of obtaining a work visa as required in the case of relocation.

  • Forming a business plan intended for fund raising from investors:
    Presentation of a detailed and fixed business plan for potential investors, based on extensive and in-depth technical-marketing knowledge in leading hi-tech fields, including full integration between the financial management and reporting services and between the business plan, to ensure a high level of accuracy and detail in the financial forecasting section.
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Professional Services Overseas

ERB provides a full spectrum of financial  services in the USA and UK. ERB has offices in CA, NY and London.

For over 27 years, ERB has been and the leader in providing financial services for multinational startup companies with activity in the global market. The comprehensive services provide a professional solution for financial management starting from the first stage of establishing the company and building the financial structure ; to the ongoing management of the entire accounting, tax and operations of the company.