Multinational Companies

ERB specializes in providing a wide range of financial services to multinational companies.

Processing salary data, payment and salary reports:

  • Discreet processing and production of pay slips;
  • Production of pay slips for employees for personal filing;
  • Typing accounting data for detailing the salary components;
  • A full report to the accountant or manager regarding salary components for each employee according to division into segments and each division is requested;
  • Production and submission of all reports required by law (form 102, 126, 106, etc.) to the tax authorities and National Insurance;
  • Making a payment through “Masab” the internal bank clearing system;
  • Calculation of salary components that include provisions for all relevant institutions such as: pensions, insurances, loss of earning capacity, etc. on a monthly basis;
  • Monitoring, typing, reporting and management of vacation days, reserves, etc. in the payroll system;
  • Production of a report of periodic calculations of accruals such as compensation, dismissal, vacation and illness;
  • Processing all relevant calculations when dismissing an employee and accompanying reports to the authorities;

Preparation for audit services:

  • Closing the books on a monthly basis-all essential adjustments;
  • Additional reports to the tax authorities and VAT returns;
  • Bookkeeping in a multi-currency accounting system (dollars and shekels).

Pension plans, salary and benefits for employees:

  • Establishing a system for employee benefits (pension, higher education, insurance, etc.). In addition to adjusting and determining the plan, we negotiate with the agents to obtain the most beneficial packages for each company;
  • We assist and advise on the establishment of a salary and benefits system (holidays, calculation of base salary to which the benefits are added, workbooks for the employee, etc.).

Advice on options, grant and deposit with a trustee.

  • We provide a person of main contact who is in charge of synchronizing between all service providers such as: lawyers, external auditor, etc.;
  • Consulting on employee-employer relations.

Financial operation and payments:

  • Assistance in opening a bank or work account through the ERB trust account;
  • Serve as authorized signatories on the account;
  • We will sign checks, make payments to suppliers, authorities, etc.

Administration services:

  • Serve as a representative for tax purposes;
  • We will handle both simple and complex administration tasks;
  • We will negotiate with all the relevant suppliers;
  • We will monitor vacation days, reserves, etc.

Reporting to the authorities, maintaining the relationship  with the company’s auditor:

We will be responsible for reporting to the authorities and will manage the relationship with the auditor for audit purposes.

Accounting services:

Through one main contact person and accompanying staff, we will provide the following accounting services:

Monthly reports, in English, multi-currency management, in accordance with the standards of the ‘Big 4’, we will report to venture capital funds and private investors,

Our financial reports will include:

  • Balance sheet;
  • P&L;
  • Cash flow, burn rate and financial projections;
  • Payroll reports;
  • Any other reporting requirement on behalf of the company.

The report is made on a monthly basis, in accordance with the client’s requirements and is valued in dollars, euros and any other relevant currency.

More information about our services:

Salaries are discrete

We are available 24/7 according to USA time.

Our financial solutions are modular and adapted to the client’s needs, as the client grows, we grow with them, accompanying them every step of the way.