Partner Payroll Team Manager

Marina joined ERB over 10 years ago as payroll controller and gradually progressed to the role of head of payroll department .Marina graduated from the college of Ramat Gan in Israel over 13 years ago and has been in the finance and HR field since.
As head of payroll department and team manager Marina’s responsibilities include building the payroll and benefit structure of the Israeli companies she and her team work with, on going management of the payroll department and providing support to the companies payroll and employment needs from the very first hiring of each company to the hiring of hundreds of employees of the companies.
Marina has extensive knowledge in execution of payroll, benefits and deriving thereof, management with the tax authorities and option trustees and the on going work with the companies’ different insurance agents.
Marina is also in charge of bringing the companies new employees on board and integrating them into the payroll system, managing the course of their employment which includes expanding and cut back of the employees of each company. Marina has extensive experience in M&A processes which include complex salary calculation in the option realization process and has a special expertise in employment of foreign employees and employment law consultation to all companies of ERB

Marina Torem