Partner & Global Business Development

Kimberly is a certified Lawyer, who graduated the Interdisciplinary Center with an L.L.B and B.B.A, with a specialty in International business law.

Kimberly currently heads the Global business development department at ERB and manages the US division of ERB, working closely with companies expanding into the US from the early set up stage and through the on-going financial aspects of each company. She is responsible for providing startup companies with a complete global spectrum of financial solutions such as CFO, accounting, HR etc., as well as for building, monitoring and maintaining company’s pipeline/deal-flow. With track record of finding innovative ways to grow revenue and increase margins, Kimberly is also in charge of creating and executing the company’s multi-year business development strategy. Kimberly is well versed in presentations, accustomed to addressing clients, vendors, partners, shareholders, venture capitals and corporate board of directors. Prior to joining ERB, she worked as a corporate lawyer at “Raved, Magrizo, Benkel and Co” and was the owner of a tech accessories company in the US called “Techpower”. In September 2016 Kimberly became partner at ERB.

Kimberly Drori ERB

Kimberly Drory Lev-Ran