Senior Partner & CEO

Since co-founding ERB in 1995 Itiel has pioneered the field of outsourced CFO services. Over the past 25 years Itiel has provided CFO and controllership services to over 1000 startup and technology companies, specializing in setting down robust financial processes and structuring which provide a long-term saving on accounting man hours. During more then two decades Itiel has overseen complex deals such as M&A, IPO and Due diligence for these companies in the Israeli stock market as well as NASDAQ. In addition to his role in ERB, Itiel also serves a director in Matrix, the leading Israeli IT company.

Prior to co-founding ERB Itiel served as a senior manager in Ernst & Young. That is where Itiel learned the ropes and gained experience in providing audit, controllership and consultation services to startup companies in different fields as well as performing audit on private and public companies and preparing their financial reports.

While grateful and appreciative of his experience in Ernst & Young, Itiel also developed ideas of his own on how Israel’s growing technology sector could be provided with the financial infrastructure it required to truly flourish. In addition to ERB, Itiel also co-founded ESOP, a leading Israeli option trustee company in the Israeli market. In the past, Itiel has served as public nominated director of Magic software services.

Itiel holds a B.A in Accounting and Finance from the College of Management in Tel Aviv and is a certified CPA.

Itiel has served as a Lieutenant Colonel and Battalion Commander in the Israel Defense Forces, and this experience has also contributed to his personal management philosophy and to realizing his core mission: helping technology companies reduce accounting overhead and streamline their bookkeeping, allowing them to focus on their core activity- transforming the germ seed of an idea into a useful and attractive product.

Itiel Efrat