Senior Partner

Helping the Israeli technology sector place itself on firm financial footing and empowering Israeli technology companies to deliver on their dreams has been Ilan’s prime concern over the past 25 years and the purpose for which he co-founded ERB in 1995. During that time Ilan has immersed himself in the venture capital consulting field, headed audits and oversaw the preparation of financial reports for hundreds of private and publicly traded companies.
Ilan also played a key role in IPO processes of Israeli public traded companies, in private investment and due diligence of venture capital portfolio companies and other companies in the echo system arena.

Over the past decades Ilan has gained considerable expertise in guiding international companies and enterprises expanding into Israel as well as immense experience in working with foreign managers. This has been an enriching and rewarding experience, proving that there is no hard limit to how much one can learn from other people with different background and business cultures.

In addition to co-founding ERB, Ilan has served as CFO and COO of Storewize which was sold to IBM, headed a team of accountants at Ernst & Young, served as public nominated director of Matrix and co founded ESOP, a leading option trustee company in the Israeli market.

Ilan is an Israeli certified CPA with a B.A in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University.

Ilan takes pride in delivering superior CFO services to technology companies and startups in Israel for over two decades. He believes in constantly testing and improving performance, enabling clients to reduce their overhead and focus on realizing their ideas into products that astound and improve the world.

Ilan Regev