Partner, CFO & Team Manager

Helen joined ERB as CFO and team manager of a team consisting of professional controllers and bookkeepers. Helen is an Israeli CPA with a BA in Accounting which she graduated with honors and a MBA in business administration with a speciality in finance management from the University of Tel Aviv.

Helen’s responsibilities include over seeing the finance of the companies she and her team work with, preparation of financial reports, on going OCS reporting, complex financial and tax issues.

Helen heads the Due Diligence, IPO and M&A’s of the companies she works with as well as the process of fund raising rounds on all financial aspects that support it. Helen has over 11 years of experience working in the technology and startup field due to her colorful career which include working as a CFO, controller and auditor at leading firms and enterprises such as Ernst&Young, Gefen Biomed investments and Smart medical systems.

Helen is a full force multi tasker that gets the job done and her unique experience as well as her passion to everything she does is a value to ERB and to the companies she heads and guides every step of the way.

Helen Shub