Set up a US Entity

US Entity Setup Service. Register Your Business in USA.

With an expertise in providing financial services for companies, ERB ensures smooth, seamless and flexible financial, tax and HR services tailored to ERBs’ companies’ needs.

With branches in California, and New-York , ERB is well positioned to streamline, implement and manage all of the companies’ financial needs. Whether your company is in the first stage of establishment of the business, currently starting activities in a new country, or already have an established presence in the US, ERB is ready to provide a full range of  financial services tailored to the  company’s needs.

What is the US Entity Setup Service?

Are you a foreign company doing or planning to do business in the United States? Then this service is just for you! Known for being astute, quick to respond, transparent and professional, clients trust ERB’s team to effectively manage the financial aspects of their operations. Partnering with ERB for your US entity setup ensures a smooth and compliant transition in your chosen state.

Solidify your US presence:

  • Setup Services and ongoing management when establishing a new US entity;
  • Incorporation in Delaware;
  • Annual payments of Government Registrar Fee;
  • Obtaining an EIN;
  • Opening a Bank account;
  • Setup of the accounting system- We will set up the accounting system ,Quickbooks to sync to all payment processors, bank , PEO etc.;
  • Monthly bookkeeping to include:
    Customer invoicing, account payables, and preparing and filling mandated period returns/reports;
  • Customer invoicing preparing (according to Company’s instructions) and maintenance of the client’s invoices are covered in reviewing and preparing the Company documents (e.g., checks, customer and vendor invoices;
  • 1099 filings;
  • Annual Tax Return filing  will be filed annually;
  • Payroll Management Services with PEO on behalf of the company.

Ready to set up your US subsidiary?

Why choose to grow your business with ERB?

Years for experience: For over 27 years, ERB has been providing its companies with a wide range of services.

Premium support: The success of your company is our Number 1 corporate value. Our UK and US teams are ready and waiting to assist you.

Remain Flexible: Our solutions support you from market entry through maturity at your pace, meeting your needs as they change.